Gregory Crewdson’s Photography

Gregory Crewdson is an american photographer known for his cinematic and surreal scenes of American homes and neighborhoods.

This interesting video by Reserve Channel shows the process of constructing his extremely detailed photographs, that look like Stephen Spielberg or David Lynch movies put into single frame.



The Many Lives of William Klein

William Klein is an American-born French photographer and filmmaker, one of the most influential photographers in the medium’s history. He earned a reputation as an anti-photographer’s photographer and has described his work as “a crash course in what was not to be done in photography.”

William Klein pioneered the telephoto and wide-angle lenses, used high-grain film. His photos were often blurred or out of focus, his negatives were over-exposed. He took fashion out of the studio and into the streets.

William Klein was an artist who set out to re-invent the photographic document.

I came from the outside, the rules of photography didn’t interest me… there were things you could do with a camera that you couldn’t do with any other medium… grain, contrast, blur, cock-eyed framing, eliminating or exaggerating grey tones and so on. I thought it would be good to show what’s possible, to say that this is as valid of a way of using the camera as conventional approaches.William Klein


Black Lodge returns with new “THOUGHTS” video

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_dsc5178Photo by Grayson Lauffenburger

Black Lodge, an American Industrial Rock band from Los Angeles, was founded during the summer of 2012 by guitarist Johnny Royal, and consists of:

  • Johnny Royal – guitars
  • Raanen Bozzio (son of legendary drummer Terry Bozzio) – drums
  • Daniel Sahagún – vocals
  • Nero Bellum – synth/bass

They are now preparing their full-length album (which is slated to be released in early 2016) with Lee Miles (producer), Johnny Royal and Daniel Sahagun (co-producers), Matt Dougherty (co-producer/engineer), and Sean Beavan (mixer).

You can hear a track “Thoughts” from the forthcoming album in the brand-new performance video, filmed at the Realm Studios, featuring guest appearance from Carmen Electra.

P. S. : If you’re in LA this Friday, September 4 be sure not to miss Black Lodge at The Viper Room.



As the snow is melting outside, foreshadowing the forthcoming change of seasons, the Nature begins to awaken from its long winter sleep. The energy arouses and here comes the time of rapid growth, fresh starts, new life, hope, and creativity.

Those seeds we planted, whether literally or metaphorically, are beginning to send up their shoots to make their way to the Sun. Our truest wishes and deepest desires are searching for their way to be realized into reality.

I’m offering you to watch this beautiful time lapse, that includes stunning footage by award winning filmmaker Jens Noelte and music by international top selling relaxation composer Llewellyn, to charge yourself with positive energy and force for changes.



Light is a form of expression, form of storytelling. Light is pretty much life.

– Janusz Kaminski

Have you ever thought about what Light is? Apart from physics and other sciences I think that basically light is the life itself. It’s that energy, the ultimate force, that gives life to the Universe. Light and Darkness, their balance and harmony, are the basics of every creative process. The play of highlights and shadows is pretty much the art itself. In photography and cinimatography light is a vital, defining element, that creates a picture we can see.

A photographer is a visual storyteller; we speak through light & shadow. – Janusz Kaminski

Cinematographer is an enterpreter who uses light and composition to affect an audience as perception of what’s going on in that story. – Michael Negrin

Cinematography is about defining light and space. – Francis Kenny

I want to share with you my latest discovery, a brilliant and inspiring documentary “Light and shadow” by Steve Weiss, where legendary cinematographers talk about their personal perspectives on creativity, vision and life.