Gregory Crewdson’s Photography

Gregory Crewdson is an american photographer known for his cinematic and surreal scenes of American homes and neighborhoods.

This interesting video by Reserve Channel shows the process of constructing his extremely detailed photographs, that look like Stephen Spielberg or David Lynch movies put into single frame.


Something about being ‘professional’



Somehow the majority of so-called successful and famous professionals act extremely narcissistic and arrogant. It could be the way they communicate only with the same ‘professionals’ or their ‘collegues’ and not answer to other people whith whom they’re ‘not friends’; or the way they talk to other people trying to show how much better, smarter, more famous and more paid they are. It may be even just in the way they decorate their rooms. But the main thought behind all of this is ‘I’m better than you, and I don’t want to spend my time on someone who doesn’t see my greatness’.

Oh, fuck you!



Black Lodge returns with new “THOUGHTS” video

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_dsc5178Photo by Grayson Lauffenburger

Black Lodge, an American Industrial Rock band from Los Angeles, was founded during the summer of 2012 by guitarist Johnny Royal, and consists of:

  • Johnny Royal – guitars
  • Raanen Bozzio (son of legendary drummer Terry Bozzio) – drums
  • Daniel Sahagún – vocals
  • Nero Bellum – synth/bass

They are now preparing their full-length album (which is slated to be released in early 2016) with Lee Miles (producer), Johnny Royal and Daniel Sahagun (co-producers), Matt Dougherty (co-producer/engineer), and Sean Beavan (mixer).

You can hear a track “Thoughts” from the forthcoming album in the brand-new performance video, filmed at the Realm Studios, featuring guest appearance from Carmen Electra.

P. S. : If you’re in LA this Friday, September 4 be sure not to miss Black Lodge at The Viper Room.

Photography of Denis Brihat

Denis Brihat was born 16 September 1928 in Paris. He works with both form and color. Denis started taking photographs at the age of 15. In 1948, he went to the Rue de Vaugirard photography school. During 1952-1955, encouraged by Robert Doisneau, he started working with the RAPHO agency.

In 1955-1956 Denis Brihat spent a year in India, producing work that won him the Prix Niepce and an exhibition at the Société Française de Photographie. In 1958, Denis moved to Provence, where he settled at Bonnieux to concentrate on his personal research and on the themes of nature. He looks for the inner beauty in nature and shows it to his audience.

In 1968, Brihat started his experiments in color by using metal toning and etching process of the gelatin surface, techniques he tirelessly pursued and perfected ever since.

Denis Brihat’s works are minimalistic, conrtasting, terse, and meditative at the same time.

In 1970 at the request of his friend the American painter Bernard Pfriem, he creates the photography course at the American School of the Arts at Lacoste (Vaucluse). In 1977 he participates in the creation of a photography study group at the University of Provence-Marseille.

In 1987 Denis Brihat is awarded the Grand Prix Photographie de la Ville de Paris.

Since 1988 he stopped any form of teaching to devote himself entirely to his work.

Denis Brihat is famous for the intensity and sensuality of his works and his world view. His photographs are delicate, beautiful and rich. They show the Nature as a living organism, and create an emotional connection, a bond betweet the natural world and the spectator.



Photographie humaniste of Robert Doisneau

The best photos, the ones that are remembered, are the ones that have first passed through the person’s mind before being restored by the camera.

Robert Doisneau

Today I ran into an article about humanist photography, a style of  French photography that was popular from 1940s until the late 1960s. The guiding principle for this movement was the central place of the human being in the everyday life.

One of the most celebrated exponents of this branch of art was Robert Doisneau (14 April 1912 – 1 April 1994).

At the age of fifteen he learned engraving and lithography, and started designing labels for drug packaging. Later, became a camera assistant at André Vigneau’s studio in 1931. He sold his first photographic story to Excelsior magazine in 1932. Robert Doisneau worked four years as an industrial advertising photographer for Renault car factory. His first professional street photographs were taken during his travel throughout France in search of picture stories for Rapho photographic agency.

During the WWII Robert Doisneau was both a soldier and photographer in the French army, and from 1940 until the end of the war in 1945 he used his skills to forge passports and identification papers for the French Resistance. He photographed the Occupation and Liberation of Paris.

After the war he returned to freelance work for Life and other leading international magazines.

Robert Doisneau died in April 1994 and left behind 450 000 negatives, each with a deep, passionate story of people, depicted there.


Le baiser de l’hôtel de ville


Grayson Lauffenburger photography

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I have taught kindergarten in eastern Europe and lived in a lighthouse on an island in the Arctic Circle. I have fished for (possibly endangered) giant catfish in Thailand and I moonlight as an archaeologist in Tuscany. I got punched in the face by an Italian guy in Scotland once.

Today I would like to share works of one of my favorite photographers Grayson Lauffenburger.

Grayson is German, but spends a lot of time in the US. He travels a lot and always brings amazing photos from his trips. He shoots in different styles: from fashion to travel and event photography. And each photo has its own story. He’s also a master retoucher!





Light is a form of expression, form of storytelling. Light is pretty much life.

– Janusz Kaminski

Have you ever thought about what Light is? Apart from physics and other sciences I think that basically light is the life itself. It’s that energy, the ultimate force, that gives life to the Universe. Light and Darkness, their balance and harmony, are the basics of every creative process. The play of highlights and shadows is pretty much the art itself. In photography and cinimatography light is a vital, defining element, that creates a picture we can see.

A photographer is a visual storyteller; we speak through light & shadow. – Janusz Kaminski

Cinematographer is an enterpreter who uses light and composition to affect an audience as perception of what’s going on in that story. – Michael Negrin

Cinematography is about defining light and space. – Francis Kenny

I want to share with you my latest discovery, a brilliant and inspiring documentary “Light and shadow” by Steve Weiss, where legendary cinematographers talk about their personal perspectives on creativity, vision and life.

Light painting in the City of Light

Some people may disagree with me, but I really think Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s known as Ville Lumière (the City of Light). It was one of the first cities to adopt street lighting, and it kind of marked the beginning of modern urban life. And as photography was once described as “painting with light”, I think, Paris and photography are a perfect match.

Probably, the most beautiful, magical and dreamlike photos of light in Paris were made by Brassaї. His friend, the author Henry Miller, nicknamed him “The Eye of Paris” for his devotion to the city.

Brassaї (1899–1984) was a leading member of French “school” photography, but he was born as Gyula Halász in Brașov, Transylvania, Romania, and took his pseudonym from his birthplace. He moved to Paris in 1924, where he took a job as a journalist. He wrote that he used photography “in order to capture the beauty of streets and gardens in the rain and fog, and to capture Paris by night.”

His first photo-book, published in 1933 and entitled Paris de nuit (Paris After Dark), remains the most famous exploration of the city’s hidden underbelly, and is considered a classic of early street photography. It was also a great technical achievement, as photographers of that era rarely took photos at night. But Brassaї invented ingenious tricks, like gauging extended exposure times by how long it took for him to smoke a Gauloises, to help him take those marvelous photos, he wanted. He called his prints his “little boxes of night” because of the richness and depth of the darkness and light in them.

Brassai also portrayed scenes from the life of the city’s high society, its intellectuals, its ballet, and the grand operas.

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s he was shooting commercial assignments for magazines like Harper’s Bazaar.

He cited Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec as his artistic influence, and was close to many artists: Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Jean Genet etc.



Couple words about fashion

A call to all the fashionistas of the world!
Our great friend and incredibly talented musician Johnny Royal from Black Lodge is putting together a PSA on the education of Style and Fashion for the global style education communities.
Lots of press and brands are promised to be involved and participants will have direct access to both.
To take a part all you need is to live in a major city outside the USA, or be a foreigner living in LA, and love fashion and style.
So if you’re interested, contact him via facebook till thursday!

Would you like to know Gregory Deck a little closer?

Some time ago I posted about French actor and musician Gregory Deck and his eclectic rock band BelHasard.

A lot of things happened since that time. BelHasard released their debut EP#1 (you can download it here), Gregory returned on stage as Jacques in “Salut les Copains“, and joined the troupe of the French version of “The Wizard of Oz” by Andrew Lloyd Webber to play Scarecrow.

We were lucky to ask Gregory couple of questions this spring and get to know him a little better. Not just as a professional, but as a very cute and talented guy.

Many thanks to Inanis from and Audrey Iacometti from Mousai Industries for all your help and participation.