All the world’s a stage

The Fall is quite the time of changes. A new season, a new beginning, a new life.

New theatrical season usually starts in autumn and offers plenty of new fascinating plays and shows to the spectators.

I decided to collect all the interesting musical premieres that will take place this Fall in Paris’ theaters and put them in one post.


Mistinguett, reine des années folles

  • When: From 22 June 2015
  • Where: Le Comedia (Paris, France)

Mistinguett premiered last year in Casino de Paris and has been a huge success. It won Globe de cristal 2015 as the best musical. It’s not a new show, but it’s definitely something new for me.

Gospel sur la Colline

  • When: From 4 September 2015
  • Where: Folies Bergère (Paris, France)

The first gospel musical in french. It brings us to 1954, to a small town near New Orleans in the South of the USA, and tells a story of a jazz star Rosa, a rock’n’roll fan John, and their love, accompanied by the sound of gospels, rhythm’n’blues and neighbor quarrels. Sounds interesting to me.

La Légende du roi Arthur: Quand l’amour change le cours de l’histoire

  • When: From 17 September 2015
  • Where: Palais des congrès (Paris, France)

Grand premiere of this autumn, musical about King Arthur by Dove Attia starring Florent Mothe as Arthur, Zaho as Morgan le Fay, Camille Lou as Guinevere, Fabien Incardona as Meleagant and Charlie Boisseau as Lancelot. Big names, big show. The one not to miss for sure.

Cendrillon, le temps d’aimer

  • When: From 19 September 2015
  • Where: La Ruche Gourmande Cabaret (Perreux, France)

Well, it’s not in Paris. It’s actually 150 km away, but I just can’t bypass and not mention this musical for couple reasons.

First of all, Cinderella was one of my favorite tales when I was a kid (along with the Little Mermaid). Second, the Prince is played by a fantastic actor, singer and man Gregory Deck, who has a really magical voice. And third, I’ve never been to a Cabaret before, so… why not?


  • When: From 1 october 2015
  • Where: Théâtre Mogador (Paris, France)

I’m sure it will be hard to find someone who have never heard of Andrew Lloyd Webber and his works.

Cats is one of the most known and successful musicals (and one of the longest-running shows on Broadway). It’s been performed around the world many times and translated into 20+ languages. It was even turned into a TV-movie. I think it’s kind of a crime not to go there and watch it live.

And yeah, I want to see Golan Yosef as Rum Tum Tugger so bad! 🙂

 Le Voyage Extraordinaire de Jules Verne

  • When: From 17 October 2015
  • Where: Théâtre Mogador (Paris, France)

A family show about Jules Verne and characters of his stories. The evil Captain Nemo from the distant star Leolam, where all the fictional characters live, kidnaps young Jules so he could write a sequel to Nemo’s story. Paul and Anna, Jules’ brother and sister, have to follow the Captain to find him and return back home.


  • When: From 17 October 2015
  • Where: Le Comedia (Paris, France)

Another amazing tale turned into musical. Worth watching without any doubts!


  • When: From 4 November 2015
  • Where: Palais des sports (Paris, France)

I think jukebox musicals are quite popular in France, and I personally like some of them. Résiste tells a story of a young girl Maggie, accompanied by the greatest hits of France Gall and Michel Berger.

 Singin’ in the Rain

  • When: From 27 November 2015
  • Where: Théâtre du Châtelet (Paris, France)

What can I say? It’s… Singing in the Rain! And it’s awesome!

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