The power of words and actions

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We’ve all heard, and probably even said ourselves, that words have such great power, they can change people’s lives, inspire and depress, revive and kill. The power of words is pretty much one of the most popular things everyone’s talking about these days.
But the other no less important thing some people tend to forget about is the reverse side of words, and their logical continuation. Actions.
We always run politicians down for talking too much, but doing nothing. But the thing is, we all sometimes only talk without any actions. But how much do mere words and empty promises cost?

At the same time, sometimes rash decisions cost too much.
That is why the most important thing in our life is finding balance. This, of course, includes the balance between words and actions. Yet balance itself is not some defined point, but a constant change and developement, because self-improvement never stops. It is a state of mind and soul, a feeling inside, that brings all the things outside on the places they actually belong. Because every change begins from within. From a thought, a word, a decision.

But there is an impotrant point most people don’t pay attention to. Nothing ever changes without making decisions and doing everything we can to bring those decisions to life. If you still have even one excuse why you haven’t done or said something, then you haven’t done everything you could do.





One of the most popular excuses is fear. We are all afraid of saying or doing something. It’s not like you’re unique some way or another in your fears. The only thing that distinguish a person of words from a person of actions is overcoming fears, trusting your gut and doing what you have to do.

Just think of it this way. Imagine, you really want to travel to Japan, but you are afraid of flying. You won’t wait for Tokyo to knock at your door (sounds too weird and stupid, right?). You will take a train or a ship, or you can take some meds and just fly there to make your dream come true. But you will do something. It can take way more time to travel there, or cause a lot of problems that you will have to deal with. But eventually only your real and tangible effort, not your excuses, will bring your dream to your life. Healthy amount of fear is good sometimes, but definitely not when you let it control and inchain you.




Another excuse actually comes out of fear, and takes the form of guilt. When we make something stupid, or say something we would never wanted to say. But we were so worried, or excited, or whatever, that we just did it. Without thinking about consequences. And now we eat ourselves, wallowing in depression and self-flagellation, which absolutely does not change anything, but what else can we do?.. Well… a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g! We can ask for forgiveness, we can do something that will actually make the person we offended, happy. No matter how much time has passed, we can talk and explain everything. Not to our diary, our cat, our inner voice or whatever, but to that only person who actually needs to hear and understand everything. Sincerity opens hearts, and a heartwarming conversation relieves souls. We were given the ability to communicate for a reason. And we really should use it, for communication is the key to almost everything.

The only thing we cannot do is just sit, think of how bad we are, and do nothing. Because we all make mistakes sometimes. We are not perfect, and making mistakes is natural, it’s an important part of growing and changing. It’s extremely important to understand it, try to fix whatever we’ve broken, and never repeat our mistakes in the future.


The “I’m not good enough” excuse

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This one is also just a form of fear, embodied in our complexes. Once or twice someone has told us we cannot do something, just because we can’t. The even more stupid situation is when we continue to listen and agree with such things. Doesn’t matter how such things are told, who says them and in which words or expressions. The only thing that matters is that they hurt us, they get stuck in our heads, and prevent us from moving forward. And the most important thing – they are not true. In fact, they are nothing more than words that resonate inner fears, that’s been cultivated for years.

The battle with complexes is long, tough, and sometimes very painful. Because it forces you to step out of your comfort zone, but it’s the only way to change something. And it’s absolutely necessary to have by your side only those people who support and incourage you. Not those who contunue saying you’re uncapable of anything loser. And I’m pretty sure we all know it well. Then why do we still continue to call “friends” those people who humiliate us, but do not let people who really care and love us to help? That is the question no one can answer, except ourselves.


The Universe/world/fate is cruel and unfair

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And we are stupid and ungreateful. Before blaming everyone else in your own mistakes, fails or indecision, stop for a moment and think about how many chances you were given. And how many of them did you take? How much and often did you thank for them? Or did you just take them as granted? You can’t only demand or expect for something. You have to ask properly, be thankful for what you get and ready to take what you’ve asked for. This means you have to act, because the Universe is a balance, and it accepts only words that come to life in actions.

The Universe loves and cares about all her children. It’s up to you whether you want to see her signs, listen to her tips and take her chances, or you want to blindly piss off everything you are given, because you cannot notice her gifts while shouting about overall injustice.



This list of excuses is definitely not full. But even changing one of these can cause a butterfly effect, bring the power of words and power of actions together, and change everything. Sometimes it’s necessary to make a leap of faith, trust the Universe and believe in that happiness is more real than you can imagine, you just have to throw away your doubts and take it.

If you still haven’t decided to act, then go re-watch Star Wars. Do or do not, there is no try. And may the Force be with you.


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